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Η τελευταία ενημέρωση του PS4 προκαλεί προβλήματα σε ορισμένους παίκτες

προβληματα μετα το τελευταιο ps4 update

The PlayStation 4 update 9.00 came earlier this week, giving the console a number of new features. However, even though it has only reached 490.2 MB, it seems to be causing a number of problems for some players. From video streaming, internet access and even gaming startup, the 9.00 update may cause more problems than it fixes, but Sony has not yet recognized these performance issues.


While they are less common than video streaming complaints, some also say that updating causes their consoles to crash. It seems that those who get this are based on PS4 and not PS4 Pro.

This has some of the answers accusing Sony of “forced aging”, but given the infamous difficulty of getting a PS5 through official channels (and therefore somehow Sony would actually win), many are skeptical of this claim.


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